About Tom Fitch

Tom Fitch is a fine artist and illustrator from the United Kingdom. His work is inspired by wildlife, contemporary culture, and music. Fitch has been creative and artistic since he was a child. As a teenager he was heavily inspired by Pop Art and graffiti. At the age of 20 he was introduced to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook and began posting his artwork online. His work has since been acknowledged and collected by many people from the British music industry such as Giggs, Skepta, JME, Fredo, Mist, Aj Tracey, Bugzy Malone along with some internationally. 

2018 - Present

Tom Fitch has started a new series of work based around his love of wildlife. Majority of the works are based on endangered species. Fitch captures the animal's features within every stroke and uses his skills and platform to raise awareness of each individual animal. Each painting includes a more abstract and expressive style compared to his previous work. The use of bright and bold colours along with dripping paint to signify the decline in population of the endangered animals, as if they were melting away.